Safe production starts from me

Safe production starts from me

Safe production starts from me

In order to strengthen the company's production safety management and effectively prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents, this safety production work meeting was held to arrange and deploy the safety production work in the next stage.


1. The company's safety work goal is to achieve no safety accidents and zero accidents throughout the year.

2. Fully implement the responsibility system for production safety, clarify the responsibilities and work of both parties, hold regular safety meetings, and organize safety inspections.

3. Improve various safety rules and regulations, and adjust the focus of safety management according to the actual situation of the company.

4. Regularly hold safety production work meetings, no less than one safety regular meeting and safety inspection every month; attach importance to safety training and education, and employees can only work after passing the safety examination.

5. Strictly implement the "safety inspection" system. The company adopts regular inspections and random inspections to implement dynamic management of safety production.

6. Strengthen the supervision and management of safety protection equipment and facilities, must comply with relevant norms and standards, and prohibit the use of unqualified machinery.

7. Based on the actual situation of the company, formulate a production safety emergency plan, establish an emergency rescue organization, set up a leading group for emergency handling of major safety accidents, organize relevant emergency drills, and emergency rescue equipment to minimize the loss of personnel and property.

8. According to the company's safety production meeting system, a regular monthly safety production meeting is held to summarize and arrange safety production work.

9. Rational use of safety production management costs, strict implementation of funds, no misappropriation, establishment of special accounts or special funds, and practical use of special funds.

10. The safety supervision department will do a good job in the company's safety management throughout the year, and conduct safety inspections at the production site on a regular or irregular basis.

Safe production starts from me

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